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    What would happen after use and wear of carbon brush
    Published: 2014-04-03 Be read Views: 1135

    Carbon brush is a kind of industrial consumables, used for dc motor or ac motor commutator, such as general electric tools, such as hand electric drill and Angle of grinding machine, use it. It is used to and cooperate to achieve motor current commutation commutator, carbon brush is motor (except squirrel-cage motor) conduction current sliding contact. In dc motor, it also shoulders the induction in the armature winding alternating emf, the reversing (rectifier) task. The practice proved: the reliability of the motor running, to a large extent depends on the performance of the carbon brush. If the user in the carbon brush wear out before did not change in time, will have the following consequences:

    The first: after the machine stops working, replace carbon brush can continue to work (the lightest consequences)

    Secondly, after the carbon brush wear, to resist carbon brush at the bottom of the metal shrapnel, come into direct contact with the rotor copper head rotor damage, need to change the rotor (moderate consequences)

    Third: short circuit, cause sparks, produce high temperature, the rotor stator all burn out, nonmetal melting, the machine scrap, and even endanger the consumer life (serious)


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