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    Carbon brush motor performance embodies three aspects
    Published: 2014-04-03 Be read Views: 1026
    Carbon brush motor performance reflected in three aspects:
    A, resistivity, directly affect the brush conductivity, general volatility between 30% and 60%;
    Second, the bulk density, volume density is a brush component index, different requirements of carbon brush of the indicators have different requirements. So for brush need after a long use test, used to match the motor.
    Three, rockwell hardness, rockwell hardness refers to the carbon brush in Φ 10 steel ball under pressure, with rockwell hardness tester read out a numerical, it said carbon brush hardness, the most direct is said brush a measure of wear-resisting performance, if is too high for motor easy to bring motor wear, hardness is small, brush vulnerability, so for different motor need different hardness of carbon brush.
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